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Vice President
Bob Stoddard

Executive Board
Bud Clemons

Jim Wales

Butch Terrell

Alan Johnson

Event Directors
Jimmy Nugent
Saddle Bronc
Gary Lee Alger Jr.
Bull Riding
Ricky Phillips
Tie Down Roping
Kyle Jumper
Steer Wrestling
Dale Rising
Team Roping
Mike Brewer
Ribbon Roping
Christy Fullen
Ladies Barrels
Marlene McGaughey
Ladies Breakaway Roping
Cindy Gruwell
Promotion Agent
Jim Nichols
Canadian Representative
Bill Reeder

NSPRA Approved Rodeos

Hamilton, MT TE (2)

Perf:06/24/2016 Time: 8:00 PM 
Perf(2):06/25/2016 Time: 8:00 PM 
Slack:06/24/2016 Time: 9:00 AM 
Slack(2):06/25/2016 Time: 9:00 AM 
RS Contractor: Phone:  
TE Contractor:Hogan Rodeo Phone:  
Secretary:Wade Durham Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:06/07/2016 Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Arizona Time 
Call Back:06/17/2016 Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Arizona Time 
Added Money:SW - $300 TR, RR - $100 TD, LBR, LBKW, MBKW - $50 
Entry Fee:$50 + $20 NSPRA Fee + **SC/T&DC  
Other:**Stock Charge/Tractor&Driver Charge of $25 first run + $10 each additional run. Facility and Stall Info: *Location: Ravalli County Fairgrounds. 100 Old Corvallis Road -Hamilton, Montana *Stalls: first come first serve *Personal/Portable Stalls:Yes *RV Hook-ups/Power/water/sewer: Yes *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes *There will be only 3 contestants in each age group in the performances. *$1000 Poker Run *Benny Reynolds All Around Buckle, Ladies All Around Buckle honoring a Lady Legend of Rodeo. 2016 Honoree - Effie Simpson. *US-Canada Match Team Roping heading and heeling buckles. Qualifying Jackpot Thursday, June 23rd, enter at 5:00PM, rope at 5:30PM. All match teams will come from the jackpot, 100% payback, $1,000 added *Committee Contact Person: Dan Stringari 602-549-7495; Additional Contact: Zana Westfield 406-546-9344 

Grants, NM (3)

Perf:7/03/16 Time: 6:00pm 
Perf(2):7/04/16 Time: 2:00pm 
Perf(3):7/05/16 Time: 6:00pm 
Slack:Every day after Perf Time:  
RS Contractor:Cross Roads Ranch and Rodeo Phone:  
TE Contractor:Crossroads Ranch and Rodeo Phone:  
Secretary:Karen Kissel Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:6/21/16 Time: 9:00am-4:00pm Arizona Time 
Call Back:6/24/16 Time: 10:00am-3:00pm Arizona Time 
Added Money:On 7/3, 7/5 only: BB, SB, BR, SW: $250.00 
Entry Fee:$60 + $20 NSPRA Fee + $10 Facility Fee + SC 
Other:STOCK CHARGE: BB, SB, BR, SW, TD, LBKW, MBKW - $25/run. RR, TR - $12.50/contestant/run. LOCATION: Exit 81 off I-40 to hwy 53. Turn right on Rodeo Road. Turn right past "Quest Title" that will be in front of arena. Grants, NM Facility and Stall Info: *Stalls: Yes *Personal/Portable Stalls: Yes *RV Hook-ups/Power/water/sewer: NO *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes * barrel race, kids rodeo, open rodeo, Team roping, dummy roping, parade and Dance *Committee contact: Candi Williams 505-290-1300.  

Magdalena, NM (2)

Perf:07/08/2016 Time: 6:00 PM 
Perf(2):07/09/2016 Time: 9:00 AM 
Slack:07/08/2016 Time: Following Performance 
Slack(2):07/09/2016 Time: Following Performance 
RS Contractor:Crossroads Rodeo Co. Phone: 970-739-3851 
TE Contractor:Crossroads Rodeo Co Phone:  
Secretary:Karen Kissel Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:06/21/2016 Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Arizona Time 
Call Back:06/24/2016 Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Arizona Time 
Added Money:BB, SB, BR, SW - $250 Friday Only 
Entry Fee:$60 + $20 NSPRA Fee + $5 Cleanup Fee + SC 
Other:Stock Charge: BB, SB, BR, SW, TD, LBKW, MBKW - $25/run TR, RR - $12.50/contestant/run Arena Location: From 1st Street (runs through town)turn north on N. Main Street (at Wells Fargo) Facility and Stall Information: *Stalls - Limited to approximately 25 outside; Personal/Portable Stalls - Yes; *RV Hook-ups/Power/Water/Sewer: No; *Restrooms - Yes; *Showers - No; *Livestock Exercise and Warm Up Area - Yes; *Water for Livestock - Yes; *Contestants allowed on grounds - any time after July 6; *Contestants must leave grounds - July 11; Century Roping following Saturday Slack. Committee Contact: Mark Sanchez 970-739-3851 or Charity Sours 970-749-4984 

Woodland Park CO TE (3)

Perf:07/28/2016 Time: Noon 
Perf(2):07/29/2016 Time: Noon 
Perf(3):07/30/2016 Time: Noon 
Slack:07/28/2016 Time: 8:30 am - 11:00 am and then finish after Perf #1 
Slack(2):07/29/2016 Time: 8:30 am - 11:00 am and then finish after Perf #2 
Slack(3):07/30/2016 Time: 8:30 am - 11:00 am and then finish after Perf #3v
RS Contractor: Phone:  
TE Contractor:TBD Phone:  
Secretary:Pat Stouffer Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:07/19/2016 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Arizona Time 
Call Back:7/22/2016 Time: 10:00 am -3:00 pm Arizona Time 
Added Money:SW = $250 RR, TR, TD, LBR, LBKW, MBKW $50 Total Each Rodeo - $1,000 
Entry Fee:$50 + $20 NSPRA Fee 
Other:Stock/Facility Charges: TBD Facility and Stall Info: *Stalls No, *Personal/Portable Stalls Yes, *RV Hookups/Power/Water/Sewer No, *Restrooms No, *Showers No, *Livestock Exercise and Warm-up Area Yes, Water for Livestock Yes. *Cowboy Classic Golf Tournament - TBA *Directions to Arena - Hwy 24 on east end of Woodland Park, just past Walmart on the left *Contestants allowed on the grounds - 7/24/16; Contestants must leave grounds anytime the following week. *Committee Contact: Merry Jo Larsen 719-310-2982 

Panguitch, UT 3 TE Only and 2 Full Rodeos

Date:08/1-6 /2016  
Perf:08/01/16 Time: 11:00 am 
Perf(2):08/02/16 Time: 11:00 am 
Perf(3):08/04/16 Time: 11:00 am 
Perf(4):08/05/16 Time: 5:00 pm 
Perf(5):08/06/16 Time: 5:00 pm 
Slack:8/05/16 Time: 10:00 am 
Slack(2):8/06/16 Time: 10:00 am 
RS Contractor:Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo Phone: 435-616-4312 
TE Contractor:Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo Phone: 435-616-4312 
Secretary:Jessica Miller Phone: 801-380-4565 
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:7/19/16 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm 
Call Back:7/22/16 Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm 
Added Money:On Saturday, 8/6/16, only. BB, SS, BR, SW $250.00 
Entry Fee:$50.00 + $20.00 NSPRA fee + $10.00 Committee Fee + 
Other:STOCK/FACILITY CHARGES: 8/1, 8/2, and 8/4 - $15 S/C per contestant/ per event 8/5 and 8/6 - $20 S/C per contestant/per event All rodeos have a one-time $5 facility charge Timed Event Only Rodeos on August 1, 2 and 4. Full rodeos on August 5 and 6. There is NO rodeo on August 3rd!! LOCATION: 950 N. Main, Hwy 89 Facility and Stall Info: *Stalls: Yes @ $10 per day *Personal/Portable Stalls: No *RV Hookups/Power/Water/Sewer: Yes @ $15 per day *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock Exercise/Warm Up Area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes. *Contestants allowed on grounds July 30 and must leave by August 8, $10 stall and $15 RV costs apply. *COMMITTEE CONTACT: Lance Miller, 435-690-9134. 

Fernley NV 2TE/3 Full Rodeos

Perf: TE #1 8/11/16 Time: 7:00pm 
Perf(2):8/12/16 Time: 1:00pm 
Perf(3):TE #2 8/13/16 Time: Noon 
Perf(4):8/13/16 Time: 7:00pm 
Perf(5):8/14/16 Time: 1:00pm 
Slack:8/12/16 Time: 9:00am 
Slack(2):8/13/16 Time: immediately following perf 
Slack(3):8/14/16 Time: 9:00amv
RS Contractor:Colby Camacho Phone:  
TE Contractor:Colby Camacho Phone:  
Secretary:Gidget Kelsey and Sue Alexander Phone: 775-980-9196 
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:8/2/16 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Arizona Time 
Call Back:8/5/16 Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Arizona Time 
Added Money:8/13/16 and 8/14/16 Full Rodeos Only BB,SB,BR,SW - $300 TD,LBR,LBRK,MBKW - $50 RR,TR - $100 $2250 each day (8/13 & 8/14 Full Rodeos) 
Entry Fee:$75 + $20 NSPRA Fee 
Other:Additional Fees: *Stock Charge TBA *Clean Up Fee - $5 each rodeo Facility and Stall Info: *Stalls: Yes, 1 horse per stall, $15/day (max $60); *Personal/Portable Stalls: Yes, space permitting; *RV Hookups: No; *Restrooms: Yes; *Showers: No; *Livestock exercise and warm up area: Yes; *Water for Livestock: Yes. *Dry camping has a city-imposed one-time fee of $20. *Stalls are first come first serve. You can prepay at *Contestants allowed on grounds:8/9/16 @ 9:00 am. *Contestants must leave grounds: 8/16/16 @ 11:00 am. *8/12/16 - Dinner & Concert & Calcutta - Gazebo area west side of arena at 6:00pm. Tickets online at or call Gidget at 775-980-9196. Must buy by 8/5/16. *Mens and Womens All Around buckles. *Barrel Race - 8/10/16 *Committee Contact - Gidget Kelsey 775-980-9196 

Crawford, NE (2 Rodeos)

Perf:8/19/16 Time: 4:00 pm 
Perf(2):8/20/16 Time: 4:00 pm 
Slack:8/19/16 Time: 9:00 am 
Slack(2):8/20/16 Time: 9:00 am 
RS Contractor:Dirt Broke Rodeo Co Phone:  
TE Contractor: Phone:  
Secretary:Donna Norgard Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:08/09/16 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Arizona Time 
Call Back:8/12/16 Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Arizona Time 
Added Money:TBA 
Entry Fee:TBA 
Other:Stock/Facility Charges - TBA Facility Information: *Stalls Limited $7.50/day, *Personal/Portable Stalls TBA, *RV Hookups/Power/Water/Sewer Limited $10/day, *Restrooms Yes, *Showers Yes, *Livestock exercise and warm-up area Yes, Water for livestock Yes, *Jackpot Team Roping 8/18/16 @ 5:00 pm *Jackpot Breakaway Roping between slack and perf each day *Golf Tour and trail ride on 8/21/16 Committee contact: Dale Rising 308-631-5161 

Estes Park, CO (2 Rodeos)

Perf:08/27/2016 Time: 3:00 PM 
Perf(2):08/28/2016 Time: 3:00 PM 
Slack:08/27/2016 Time: 9:00 AM 
Slack(2):08/28/2016 Time: 9:00 AM 
RS Contractor:Tuf Garcia Phone:  
TE Contractor: Phone:  
Secretary:Karen Kissel Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:08/16/2016 Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM Arizona Time 
Call Back:08/19/2016 Time: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM Arizona Time 
Added Money:TBA 
Entry Fee:TBA 
Other:*Stock/Facility Charges: TBA *Location of the arena: 1209 Manford Avenue, *Estes Park, Co. I-25 to Hwy 66 (turn west) through Lyons, turn left on Manford. *Facility Information: *Stalls Yes, *Personal/Portable Stalls No, *RV Hookups/Power/Water/Sewer Yes, *Restrooms Yes, *Showers Yes, *Livestock Exercise/Warm Up Area Yes, *Water for Livestock Yes. *Sewer dump on grounds. *Contestants allowed on grounds: TBA *Contestants must leave grounds: TBA *Committee Contact: Butch (303-947-5216)and Sandy (303-947-5874) Schara 
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