Chuck Melin

Vice President
Bob Stoddard

Executive Board
Bud Clemons

Matt Zappetini

Butch Terrell

Event Directors
Kenny Heinze
Co - Dan Bohan
Saddle Bronc
Eddie Jacques
Bull Riding
Jimmy Moon
Tie Down Roping
Mike Freeland
Steer Wrestling
Dale Rising
Team Roping
Mike Brewer
Ribbon Roping
Cheryl Cole
Ladies Barrels
Susan Hall
719-784-6633 cell:719-225-9563
Ladies Breakaway Roping
Cindy Gruwell
Promotion Agent
Jim Nichols
Canadian Representative
Russell Friend

NSPRA Approved Rodeos

Sparks, Nevada (2 T.E. Rodeos)

Perf: Time:  
Perf(2): Time:  
Slack:08/06/2014 Time: 1:00p.m. 
Slack(2):08/07/2014 Time: 1:00p.m.  
RS Contractor:none  Phone:  
TE Contractor:Senior Pro Rodeo Productions/Dan Bohan  Phone: 707-696-4188 
Secretary:Gidget Kelsey Phone: 775-980-9196 
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:7/29/14 Time: 9:00a.m.-4:00p.m. arizona time 
Call Back:8/1/14 Time: 10:00am -3:00p.m. arizona time 
Added Money:SW, TD,LBR,RR,BKWY, $50.00 CR,TR,$100 *Total added money=$1100 **Added Money on the 6th ONLY  
Entry Fee:$75+$22 O.C.+$5 clean up fee/rodeo 
Other:*Team Roping will be pick 1 draw 1 for $100. Location: Gandolfo Arena 2200 Loop Road Sparks, NV 89431 US 80 to Vista Blvd-head north to loop road turn right then follow the signs up the hill *Stalls:NO *Personal/Portable Stalls: NO. No overnight Camping. *RV Hook-ups/Power/water/sewer: NO *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes *Contestants Allowed on Grounds: 8/6 9:00a.m. *Contestants must leave Grounds: 8/7 6:00p.m. **TIMED EVENT ONLY** **ADDED MONEY ON 8/6 ONLY**  

Crossfield, AB(2 rodeos)

Perf:08/07/14 Time: 1:00pm 
Perf(2):08/08/14 Time: 1:00pm 
Slack:NONE Time:  
RS Contractor:TBA Phone:  
TE Contractor:TBA Phone:  
Secretary:TBA Phone:  
Central Entry:1-403-875-3242  
Release Number:  
E.O.: Time:  
Call Back: Time:  
Added Money:SB,BB,SW=$300 CR,MBKY,LBKY,LBR=$50 TR,RR=$100 
Entry Fee:$50+$7.50O.C.+$6.30admin fee 
Other:*Their will be a one time Facility Charge of $10.00 *Stalls: Self Penning is allowed on site *There will be supper with a Jam Session following the Perf on Thursday in the store. 

Fernley, NV (3 Rodeos)

Perf:08/09/2014 Time: 1:00pm 
Perf(2):08/10/2014 Time: 1:00pm 
Slack:All Slack 08/08/14 Time: 9:00am 
Slack(2):08/09/2014 Time: 9:00am 
Slack(3):08/10/2014 Time: 9:00amv
RS Contractor:Dan Bohan Phone: 707-696-4188 
TE Contractor:Dan Bohan Phone: 707-696-4188 
Secretary:Gidget Kelsey Phone: 775-575-5723 
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:07/29/2014 Time: 9:00am-4:00pm Arizona Time 
Call Back:08/01/2014 Time: 10:00am-3:00pm Arizona Time 
Added Money:BB, SB, BR, SW: $300.00 TD, LBR, LBRK, MBRK: $50.00 RR, TR: $100 Total Added Money: $2250 Aug. 9-10th ONLY  
Entry Fee:$75.00 + $22.00 Office Charge+$5.00 per rodeo clea 
Other:*Committee Contact: Gidget Kelsey 775-980-9196 *Stalls: Yes- $15 per day *Personal/Portable Stalls: Yes *RV Hook-ups/Power/water/sewer: No *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: No *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes *City Imposed dry camping fee of $20 (one time charge) *Contestants allowed on Grounds 08/05/14 *Contestants must leave by 08/12/14 *Calcutta 8/7 at Terribles Casino 7:00pm *Dinner and concert 8/8 at 6:00pm Tickets Available online at *Jackpot Barrel Race 8/9 at 7:00pm * There will be All around Buckles and Cowboy &Cowgirl points from Aug.8-10th  

Nanton, AB(2 rodeos)

Perf:8/9/14 Time: 12:00pm 
Perf(2):8/10/14 Time: 10:00am 
Slack:N/A Time:  
RS Contractor:TBA Phone:  
TE Contractor:Maynard Bird Timed Event Cattle Phone:  
Secretary:Madelaine Kimmerly Phone:  
Central Entry:403-875-3242  
Release Number:  
E.O.:TBA Time:  
Call Time:  
Added Money:SB,BB,BR,SW: $300. CR, Men's, Ladies BRK, LBR: $50. TR,RR: $100.  
Entry Fee:$50+ $7.50 O.C. + $6.30 Admin 
Other:One time facility Charge $10. Region: 1. *40 trailer spots available up top. to reserve call or email Margo 403-938-1653 There will be self penning charge of $10/night(up top only). *"New" covered stalls $30/night (Nanton Ag) Parking and self penning below, free of charge Nanton Ag. *There will be a supper and silent auction Saturday Night. PLEAS SUPPORT THE COMMITTEE BY BRINGING SILENT AUCTION ITEMS. *Concession and bar on site. 

Crawford Nebraska (3) Rodeos

Perf:08/21/14 Time: 1:00pm 
Perf(2):08/22/14 Time: 1:00pm 
Slack:08/21/14 Time: 9:00am 
Slack(2):08/22/14 Time: 9:00am 
Slack(3):08/24/14 Time: 10:00am All Slackv
RS Contractor:TBA Phone:  
TE Contractor:TBA Phone:  
Secretary:Donna Norgard Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:8/12/2014 Time: 9:00am-4:00pm 
Call Back:8/15/2014 Time: 10:00am-3:00pm 
Added Money:TBA 
Entry Fee:$50.00+$22O.C. +$10. facility chrg 
Other:Address: 220 Elm St. Crawford, NE 69339. Location: From West: turn N. on 1st street to stop sign, then left into park. From E. or S. turn west on Main, go straight into park. *Stalls: Limited $10 *Personal/Portable Stalls: Yes *RV Hook-ups/Power/water/sewer: NO *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes *Contestants Allowed on Grounds: Anytime *Contestants must leave Grounds: Anytime *August 23rd the Crawford Committee will host a 2 hour trail ride thru butte country, host a golf tournament, ladies luncheon, horseshoe tournament. Team Roping Saturday Evening. *Committee Contact: Dale Rising 308-631-5161 *Open Day on August 23 

Wheatland, WY (3 rodeos)

Perf:08/25/14 Time: 7:00pm 
Perf(2):08/26/14 Time: 7:00pm 
Perf(3):08/28/14 Time: 7:00pm 
Perf(4):NO RODEO ON 8/27 Time:  
Slack:08/25/14 Time: 9:00am 
Slack(2):08/26/14 Time: 9:00am 
Slack(3):08/28/14 Time: 9:00amv
RS Contractor:Wayne Larsen Phone:  
TE Contractor:TBA Phone:  
Secretary:Cindy Arnold Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:938-684-9566  
E.O.:8/19/14 Time:  
Call Back:8/22/14 Time:  
Added Money:BB,SB,BR,CR $250.00 ADDED MONEY ON AUG. 26 ONLY  
Entry Fee:$50+$22O.C.+$10 one time clean up fee 
Other:Facility and Stall Info: *Clean up Fee: $10 one time *Stalls: $30/horse, stay up to 5 nights. (NOT PER NIGHT, $30/HORSE FOR THE WEEK). *Personal/Portable Stalls: YES *RV Hook-ups/Power/: $15/night *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes *Contestants allowed on grounds 8/24 after 12 *Contestants must leave by 8/29 by Noon *Team Roping it pick one draw one at all (3) rodoes *$100 for 2+ stock charge *Aug.26 Ladies Lucheon and Fashion Show *Aug.27 Cowboy church 9:00am *Senior pro follwoing the calf roping *Pot Luck& Auction 4:00pm *Open Team Roping enter at 6pm rope at 7pm *Western Band and Dance date TBA *LOCATION: 59 Antelope Gap Rd, Wheatland,WY 

Estes Park, CO (2 rodeos)

Perf:8/30/14 Time: 3:00pm 
Perf(2):8/31/14 Time: 3:00pm 
Slack:8/30/14 Time: 9:00am 
Slack(2):8/31/14 Time: 9:00am 
RS Contractor:Winklepleck Rodeo Phone:  
TE Contractor:Blake Nelson (TR) Phone:  
Secretary:Karen Kissel Phone:  
Central Entry:928-684-9566  
Release Number:928-684-9566  
E.O.:08/19/2014 Time: 9:00am-4:00pm 
Call Back:08/22/2014 Time: 10:00am-3:00pm 
Added Money:$1000. to rough stock on 8/31/14 Only. BB, SB, BR, SW: $250. (more if sponsorships come in) 
Entry Fee:$75+$22 office charge 
Other:LOCATION: 1209 Manford Ave, Estes Park, CO 80517 *Stalls: Yes, $16/day & 1 bag of shavings per stall minimum that must be purchased from the fairgrounds. (NO OUTSIDE SHAVINGS ARE ALLLOWED). *NO PERSONAL/PORTABLE STALLS OR TIE OUTS. Fairgrounds will enforce this rule. *RV Hook-ups/Power/water/dump only: Yes, $25/night. $15/night for dry camping. *Restroom Facilities: Yes *Showers: Yes *Livestock exercise and warm-up area: Yes *Water for Livestock: Yes *Contestants Allowed on Grounds: 8/25/14 *Contestants must leave Grounds: 9/2/14 *Order of Events, Perf: BB, SB, TD, LBRK, 68TD, Stick Horse Race, SW, RR, mutton busting, LBR, TR, BR. Slack: MBRK, TD, LBRK, 68TD, RR, TR, LBR. *Committee Contact: Butch & Sandy Schara 303-947-5216 
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