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NEW REGIONAL FORMAT, effective 2014 Rodeo Season

· 3 Regions: #1- Canada and Montana

      #2- Wyoming, Colorado, California, and Nevada

      #3- Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma

· The top 8 in each region will qualify for the final. The top 6 will receive points 60-10 7th-8th come to the SNFR with 0 points. Any open position can be filled from another region coming in with 0 points filled by season standings. These points plus points accumulated at SNFR will determine the world champion.

· Must compete in 5 US Rodeos, timed event only, or rough stock only rodeos to qualify for the SNFR.

· There will still be season standings for year-end awards.

· The $2.00 circuit charge is now an awards fee for the SNFR.


Rule 10.2.2 Each judge must be paid $150.00 $200.00 per day by the local committee in addition to the $.50 fee per contestants.


Rule 15.6.4 There will be a contest even if only one only if two or more contestant enters the event.


Rule 17.2.1 A rodeo judge may not compete in one riding event and judge another riding event cannot judge the riding event they compete in.


Rule 25.2.2 Each team is allowed three two throws in all, and there shall be a 30 second elapsed time limit.


Rule 28.2.1 Points won in the Men’s Breakaway will count toward the 60 Men’s All Around points.


The position of President and Vice President will now be 2 year terms, alternating each year.



We will now allow a new committee to have a timed event rodeo or rough stock only rodeo with a max of 4 per circuit. Points awarded at these rodeos will not count toward all around and will not count toward 5 rodeos to qualify for SNFR. (effective 4/11/13)


Revise previous rule from 4/11/13 to delete “will not count toward 5 rodeos to qualify for SNFR” (effective 5/14/13)


Revise previous rule from 4/11/13 to allow unlimited timed event/rough stock rodeos with board making decision on approvals as each approval is presented per region. (effective 11/21/2013)


All timed event/rough stock rodeo approvals that are co-approved will follow rules of the lead associations rule book but, all points will revert back to NSPRA rulebook. Lead association on approval must submit rulebook with approval. (effective 11/21/2013)


Any committee at their discretion can charge $10 stock charge per event. The 1st $10 will come from the $22 office charge. (effective 11/21/2013)


Any rodeo committee may choose to have a pick 1 draw 1 team roping format. Points will only count with pick partner and draw teams will be drawn at the rodeo by judges. (12/5/13)



Local contestants may enter a run of rodeo for $10/rodeo. Contestant must decide at the last rodeo (BEFORE HE LEAVES) in the run if he wants to buy membership and have points count toward his standings. $10/rodeo paid will count toward membership. (12/5/13)


Add to Policies & Procedures: Do away with 4 release rule. Everyone is responsible for entry fees unless they notify they have a Doctor, vet, visual, or family emergency. With one of these releases only office charge is owed. Documentation must be sent into the office within in 10 days if the rodeo. (Effective 3/1/13)

Delete Rule B.7.1 on page 10, for Rule change process.


Wendy Larsen and Jody Motley

We are sorry to say we Lost 2 NSPRA members this week Wendy and Jody
Our prayers and condolences go out to the Familys.



Efeective October 8,2014 membership dues have increased $25.
The cost before January1,2015 will be $160
After Janurary1,2015 the cost will be $175

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