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Bull Ride

Panguitch, UT Information

Daysheets for Panguitch, UT March Rodeos are posted.  Please note there will be NO slack.  

The order of events during the performance will be: Steer Wrestling, Barrel Racing, Bareback Riding, Saddle Bronc Riding, Tie Down Roping, Ladies Breakaway, Mens Breakaway, Team Roping, Bull Riding

2017 Rule Book

The 2017 Rule Book is on line and available to download!

However.... the new rule book is in a different location.  Go to the General Information tab on the top of the page and then go to the Sanction Information. The 2017 Rule Book will be the first document!!

If you have any questions, give us a call.


We are putting the final touches on the rule book and it should be available on line by the end of December.  Please take a look at it before the 2017 season; but here are some of the rules we would like you to be aware of:

·    2.4.1.  Any contestant may enter a rodeo for a $10 permit fee per rodeo. Permit fees paid at one location will be applied to the purchase price of an NSPRA membership if purchased by the end of the last rodeo at that location.

·  Rodeos entered on a permit will not count towards 5 rodeo rule to qualify for the SNFR.

·  Contestants entered on a permit do not accumulate points. Points begin to accumulate once a membership card is purchased.  Points will not be allocated retroactive.

· 2.4.2.  Permit contestants are subject to all NSPRA rules.

· 2.4.3. Permit contestants are NOT eligible to compete in the SNFR.

· 2.6.2. The top seven (7) in each region will qualify for the SNFR and will receive points from 120 for 1ST TO 0 FOR 7TH going into the SNFR as follows: 120 – First; 100 – Second; 80 – Third; 60 – Fourth; 40 – Fifth; 20 – Sixth; and 0 – Seventh.

·    2.6.5.  All-Around Champions will be determined by calculating points earned from the first rodeo of the year to the end the SNFR in two or more events.

·  In individual events, a contestant has the option to enter his age group and down one age group.

·  In teamed events a team may enter down one age group with the same partner or may enter down two age groups with an age appropriate partner.

·  In individual events, a contestant can only win a world championship in his appropriate age group.

·  In team events, contestants will be allowed to win a world championship in a lower age group if designated before the first rodeo is entered and at least one partner is age appropriate.

· All-around points accumulate in the contestant’s appropriate age group only.

·    24.1.1. In the 68+ Tie Down Roping, there will be a 1 second handicap at age 72, a 2 second handicap at age 75 and a 3 second handicap at age 78.  (Age during current calendar year). 

· 25.1.0.  The Team Roping Event consists of two age categories:  40-59, and 60+.  Purse money at approved rodeos will be split equally among the two age groups.  Points will be awarded to the top six contestants in each age category, and standings will be kept based on those points.  (10 teams from each region, 30 total teams, in each age category will be taken to the SNFR).




Attention Judges and Anyone Interested in Judging NSPRA Rodeos

We are considering holding a judging clinic during the Buckeye rodeo, IF THERE IS ENOUGH INTEREST.  If you would be interested in attending a clinic, please let us know, as soon as possible, and if there is enough interest, we will move forward with a date and location!  Call the office at 928-684-9566.

3D Barrel Format

In 2017, the barrel race will be ran in the same 3D format as it was in the 2016 season!

2016 SNFR P&L

Sponsorships  $ 45,000.00
Award Sponsors  $ 15,950.00
Jackpot Income  $   1,230.00
Awards Fund  $ 18,270.00
Ground Money  $   5,022.00
Finals Office Charge  $   9,050.00  
   Total Finals Income  $   94,522.00
Stock   $ 25,796.00
Contract Labor  $ 10,186.00
Awards  $ 32,027.00
Added Money  $ 34,022.00
Awards Banquet  $   1,910.00  
    Total Finals Expenses  $ 103,941.00
Difference  $    (9,419.00)

Wickenburg Day Sheets

Day Sheets for Wickenburg are posted!

2017 Entry Dates


Please be aware that some entry dates for the 2017 rodeo season will NOT be on a Tuesday.  For example, the entry date for the Panguitch rodeos in May will be Thursday, May 4th!!    We have many rodeos during the week and several locations with consecutive rodeo dates.  This makes it difficult to only take entries on Tuesdays!  If you have any questions, please call the office at 928-684-9566.

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