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Vice President
Bob Stoddard

Executive Board
Bud Clemons

Jim Wales

Butch Terrell

Alan Johnson

Event Directors
Jimmy Nugent
Saddle Bronc
Gary Lee Alger Jr.
Bull Riding
Ricky Phillips
Tie Down Roping
Kyle Jumper
Steer Wrestling
Dale Rising
Team Roping
Mike Brewer
Ribbon Roping
Christy Fullen
Ladies Barrels
Marlene McGaughey
Ladies Breakaway Roping
Cindy Gruwell
Promotion Agent
Jim Nichols
Canadian Representative
Bill Reeder
Bull Ride
Bull Ride

Jackpots on Tuesday October 4th.

Tuesday is Jackpot Day at the finals!

Tie Down Jackpot at 9:00 am  There will also be Breakaway Jackpot!!
Team Roping Jackpot at Noon
Barrel Race Jackpot at 7:00 p.m.

ATTENTION MEN!!!!!  Leg those ponies up! 

Immediately following the Ladies Barrel Race, there will be a Men's Barrel Race with awards to be determined.  If you need a little extra "courage" the beer garden will be staying open! 

We will end the evening with a Dog Race.  Bring your dogs out and let 'em run!!  Blankets will be awarded to the winners!




Election Profiles

Candidates have the opportunity to give a brief profile and qualification statement. 

John Denson Candidate for Steer Wrestling Director
Past and present member of the PRCA, CPRA, GCPRA, NMRA and the NSPRA. 15 plus years as NMRA steer wrestling director as well as finals director. I have been involved in putting on many successful rodeo's and finals including this year's 3 NSPRA rodeo's in Woodland Park Colorado. I would like to represent the steer wrestlers in the NSPRA and grow our event with sponsorship's, great cattle and more members. See you all at the Finals.

Bud Clemons Candidate for Executive Board Member (Incumbent) 
I have served on the Board for the past 3 years and have made my presence at as many rodeos as possible. I have been and will continue to open minded to any and all suggestion that will help the NSPRA grow, both in membership and financially.

Savvas Halikas Candidate for Tie down Roping Director

As Tie Down Roping Director I will work for the best interest of all of the of the ropers. I look forward to the opportunity of working with the National Senior Pro Rodeo Board and hope to implement some changes that will benefit all of us.  I want to hear your thoughts/ feedback/ideas as well.

Carolynn Seay Vietor Candidate for Executive Board Member

Dear NSPRA members,


It is an honor to have this opportunity to run for the Executive Board of the NSPRA. Having been a member since 1993, I have seen this association in all stages.  Since I just retired as President of the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, after serving for a total of 20 years, 10 years as president and 10 as director, I feel that I have the experience necessary to help the NSPRA move forward.  As a non profit, the board is elected to carry out the business of the association and do what is in the best interest of the entire association.  If elected, I will listen to the MEMBERSHIP and base my opinions on what the entire membership expresses to me.  I strongly feel:


· The rule book must be followed.

· Rule changes must be presented to the membership for their opinion before a rule change is implemented.

· The NSPRA is an age based rodeo association, thus all events must be supported equally, and in the best interest of the entire membership.

· I fully realize that one person cannot change anything; it takes a united board that respects the opinions of the membership and conducts business in the best interest of all.

· The NSPRA is a business, and should be run as one.  We must have growth in order to stay in business. Many changes were made in the past couple of years to increase membership, have they worked?  Show us the numbers!

· In regard to our friends and members to our north, I WELCOME the Canadians and their association. They have always supported the NSPRA, as we do their association. I hope to build on this relationship.


Please know that I am always available to listen to you and that I always respect both sides of every issue. Please call me if you have any questions.  My cell number is 406- 531-0155.


Thank you for your consideration,


Carolynn Vietor

Dale Motley Candidate for Breakaway Director
I have been member of the NSPRA for 30 years.  I served as President for three years, and served as a Board Member for several other years.  I care about the Association, and want to do all I can to help it grow and succeed. 

Marlene McGaughey Candidate for Barrel Racing Director (incumbent)
My primary objective as barrel racing director is to have good/safe ground conditions, a timer that works, fairness to all contestants that are entered, being a representative for the barrel racers on the board, and coordinating finals awards.  I am the current barrel racing director for the NSPRA.   I am a WPRA Gold card active member, and have been a barrel racing producer for 28 years.  I have produced the Cornhusker Futurity in Nebraska for the past 14 years (currently ranked in the top 16 futurity events in the country).  We have made some big changes this year in the barrel racing by implementing the divisional format at regular season rodeos which has resulted in many new members.  Several of these new members have also entered other events, i.e. breakaway and ribbons.   With age being the biggest self-limiting factor for our association, we must gain new members to sustain the organization!     

Bob Stoddard Candidate for Executive Board Member (Incumbent)
I have supported this association since the beginning and I have never voted ever for something that would benefit me over another member.  I have been an officer for many years and wish the best for the association both financially and otherwise. 

Christy Fullen Candidate for Barrel Racing Director
When I was pursued to run for NSPRA Barrel Racing Director I thought long and hard about what I had to offer this association, the members, and my fellow barrel-racers, if I were elected to the board.  It is important to me to make a positive contribution to the Board of Directors while representing the barrel-racers.


 I see my job as Barrel Racing Director to be willing to pursue input from ALL of the barrel-racing membership while being open to others who may have opinions different from mine.  My job is to solicit thoughts from my fellow competitors, present them to the Board, and do my best to push forward with what the majority of the barrel-racers want.  I also believe it is of utmost importance to be a “team player” on the Board looking out for the ENTIRE membership interests rather than just personal interests.  I feel following the rules is of utmost importance to maintaining a smooth running organization.  I will support all efforts to follow the rulebook and give the entire membership the opportunity to have input before changes are actually made.


Thank you for your consideration,


Christy Fullen

(406) 539-8559

Kent Mosher Candidate for Steer Wrestling Director

It is my turn to serve as Steer Wrestling Director of the NSPRA and strive for a fun and enjoyable experience for all members. I produce the Augusta, Montana NSPRA Rodeo each year. I also compete in multiple events in all regions. I look forward to growth of the NSPRA and rules that will benefit all



Kent Mosher

Elaine Lewis Candidate for Ribbon Roping Director 

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm Elaine Lewis from  Victor, Montana. I would like to represent the NSPRA as the Ribbon Roping Director.
In all seriousness I have thought long and hard about taking on the task of representing the event that seems to be a crowd favorite. I would like the opportunity of bringing a fresh and objective opinion that would be member friendly. I have been a NSPRA member since 2012, and feel it's time to step up and help improve the future of our association.
My goals are to be a member friendly team player through preservation of the current members and working on gaining new members. Last and most importantly I will be advocating to update and follow the rules voted on by the elected officials and current members. The basis of a strong united organization is following the rules, guidelines and procedures for a consistent respective outcome.

My opinion is that Rodeo is Rodeo and should stay true to it's Heritage!!!

Elaine Lewis












Clarification of the Enter Down Rule and Awards at the Finals

  Contestants will be awarded year-end saddles and world championship buckles in their appropriate age category, unless their partner in the team roping or ribbon roping is in a lower age category.  In that case, contestant would be eligible for awards in the lower age category. Year-end saddles will only be given in each if the event director is able to get a sponsor or sponsors to cover the cost of the saddle(s) in their event.
If you qualify in multiple age categories for the finals, you MUST designate which category you will accumulate points in when you enter the finals.
All Around points only accumulate in the appropriate age category.

Qualifying for the 2016 SNFR

You must compete at 5 NSPRA rodeos to be eligible to enter the finals.  (Canadian rodeos do not count towards the 5 rodeo rule).  The top 7 contestants in each region will qualify for the finals and will be awarded points based upon their regional ranking as follows:  1st 120 pts, 2nd 100 pts, 3rd 80 pts, 4th 60 pts, 5th 40 pts, 6th 20 pts, 7th 0 pts.  At the SNFR, round winners will be awarded points as follows: 1st 60 pts, 2nd  50 pts, 3rd  40 pts, 4th  30 pts, 5th 20 pts, 6th 10 pts. 


If a SNFR qualifier is unable to compete at the finals, or if they qualify in multiple regions, the next highest ranking contestant will be allowed to compete.  If an event does not fill (21 slots) by this method, the event will be filled with contestants who have competed at 5 NSPRA rodeos.


If you are interested in competing at the SNFR you MUST enter even if you are not in the top 8 in a region.  If you do not enter during the time entries are open, Monday September 19 and Tuesday September 20, you will not be eligible to go!!

2016 SNFR Day Sheets

The day sheet for the 1st Round (All Timed Events) of the 2016 SNFR is posted along with a day sheet for the Rough Stock which will be incorporated with the timed events for the 7pm performance on Thursday.

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  • Boyd Gaming
  • Tom Collins
  • Las Vegas Events
  • Wells Fargo
  • Republic Services
  • South Point Hotel & Casino
  • Helldorado Days