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Bob Stoddard

Executive Board
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Alan Johnson

Event Directors
Jimmy Nugent
Saddle Bronc
Eddie Jacques
Bull Riding
Jimmy Moon
Tie Down Roping
Kyle Jumper
Steer Wrestling
Dale Rising
Team Roping
Mike Brewer
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Kathy Clemons
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Marlene McGaughey
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Bill Reeder
Marvin Tolth 2014 SNFR
by WT Bruce
Marvin Tolth 2014 SNFR






Once again it's time to start thinking about The Finals in Vegas.  For returning champions, nothing has changed. I will assign stalls and RV spots upon arrival.  This works best so as to try and get you close to your horse.  I WILL COLLECT STALL MONEY WHEN YOU CHECK IN.  For those of you who try and arrive early, there is a huge event (PBR) the weekend before our Finals and we will not get access to the stall and RV area before Monday afternoon.  Please read ALL of this so as to make your trip fun and enjoyable.



$75 per stall for week.  If you arrive before Monday, October 26, you will pay extra. PAY TERRY AT EVENT FOR STALLS and SHAVINGS

Shavings - you get one free bag of shavings with stall rental and additional shavings available at event.




We have 35 RV spots @ $75 per spot for week that must be reserved and PAID for prior to event.  You must contact the NSPRA Office (928-684-9566) by Monday, September 30th to reserve and pay for your spot.  First come first served basis.  You must pay for the spot upon making the reservation.  If you fail to pay prior to 9-30-2015, your spot will be given to next in line.  Once the 35 spots have been reserved and paid for, we will start a reserve list in case a spot comes open.  Dry camping is free.


This makes our 5th year at Horseman's Park in Vegas and my 5th year at managing the stall area.  Once again I ask you to enter my phone number to your contacts.  Please call me if you have questions or concerns about stalls or RV spots.  Look for my white Dodge PU or my nascar looking golf cart when you arrive.


Terry Sills



Entry Information

Entries for 2015 SNFR will be Sept. 28th-29th

Phone number 928-684-9566

Entries on Tuesdays from 9:00am-4:00pm Arizona Time.

Email entries will open 1 week prior to the entry date. Email include the following information:

o   Name and Card number

o   Rodeos entering

o   Events and age group

o   Partner names and card numbers

o   Preferences ( does not apply for finals)

o   Return number we can reach you at

You will get a return confirmation number when entry is received. If you do not receive a confirmation email you are not entered, please call on entry date to verify. Please only send your entry 1 time.

Callbacks will be on the Friday following entry dates from 10:00am-3:00pm Arizona time and day sheets will be on the website. ( call backs for finals will be Oct.9,2015)

  • Contestants must check day sheets to make sure they are entered correctly by Friday of callbacks, no changes will be made after call backs, Friday at 3:00pm.


  • If paying fees by credit card, it must be done at the time of entries.
Late entries will be Tuesdays 4:00pm until Wednesday at 12:00pm Arizona time at 928-684-9566 with a $25.00 late fee (leave message if you call when office is closed). DO NOT EMAIL LATE ENTRIES.


Sam's Town must be booked by Friday Oct 9 to get the rates.   



TOLL FREE    1 877 593 5993


Rule Changes in 2013-2014

PERMIT SYSTEM CHANGE (Delete 2.4.1 - 2.4.2 replace with):

2.4.1 Local contestants may enter a run of rodeo for $10/rodeo. Contestant must decide after the last rodeo in the run if he wants to buy membership and have points count toward his standings. $10/rodeo paid will count toward membership and rodeos will count toward 5 rodeo rule to qualify for the finals. (12/5/13)


Rule 10.2.2 Each judge must be paid $150.00 $200.00 per day by the local committee in addition to the $.50 fee per contestants.


15.6.4 There will be a contest even if only one only if two or more contestant enters the event. The contest shall be held if at least 2 contestants enter the event.


Rule 17.2.1 A rodeo judge may not compete in one riding event and judge another riding event cannot judge the riding event they compete in.


Rule 25.2.2 Each team is allowed three two throws in all, and there shall be a 30 second elapsed time limit.


Rule 28.2.1 Points won in the Menís Breakaway will count toward the 60 Menís All Around points.



2014 Changes


2.1.4 Dues are $175.00 per year if paid before January 1, dues are $160.00. (10/8/14)


27.2.2 The roper must rope the calf and the rope must stay on the calf until the roper gets his hand on the calf. Ribbon roper has 30 seconds to catch and touch the calf. (10/8/14) A contestant has the option to enter his age group and down one age group. If a teamed event wishes to enter down, they may enter down with the same partner or a different partner. If entering down in the ladies barrel race, she can choose to ride the same horse or a different horse. Entering down at the finals is allowed, you must designate which age group you want points to accumulate for the finals. All around points accumulate in contestant actual age group only. Any committee at their discretion can charge an additional stock charge per event. The 1st $10 will come from the $22 office charge. Any additional stock charges must be collected by local secretary.(effective 2015) Committee may charge a maximum one time facility fee/clean up fee of $10 at one location.


By-Laws B.5.2 ADD to the end: President and Vice President are to be elected by the membership when ballots are sent out. The position of President and Vice President will be a 2 year term, alternating each year. To be eligible, person must have 1 year board experience and be selected from any position on the board. Effective January 2015.


28.1 ...The Men's Breakaway age group is 65+...



2.6.1 There will be 3 Regions: #1- Canada and Montana, #2- Wyoming, Colorado, California, and Nevada, #3- Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma.

2.6.2 The top 8 in each region will qualify for the final. The top 6 will receive points 60-10 7th-8th come to the SNFR with 0 points. Any open position can be filled from another region coming in with 0 points filled by season standings. These points plus points accumulated at SNFR will determine the world champion.

2.6.3 Must compete in 5 US Rodeos, timed event only, or rough stock only rodeos to qualify for the SNFR.

2.6.4 There will still be season standings for year-end awards.

2.6.5 The $2.00 charge in office charge is an awards fee for the SNFR.

2.6.6 Season All Around Champions will be determined by first rodeo of the year to last rodeo of the season in two or more events. SNFR all around champions will be determined by points accumulated at the finals in 2 or more events plus the number of points that the contestants brings into the finals.


2.1.2 Contestants compete in the age category which corresponds to his age and may compete down in one different age category.  When entering a team event with a younger partner the team must compete in the lower age category and have the option to enter down one age group if the younger contestant qualifies. The first rodeo which the member enters that year shall designate the age category in which he must compete for the balance of the option year. Points will accumulate in all age categoriesí contestant enters until finals.  At time of finals entry contestant will have to designate which category he wants points to count for year awards.

Release Rule is back to original 4 release as stated in rule book.


Efeective October 8,2014 membership dues have increased $25.
The cost before January1,2015 will be $160
After Janurary1,2015 the cost will be $175


2016 Ballot



For the 2016 Board of Directors



Pursuant to the By-Laws of the National Senior Pro Rodeo Association, each member of the Association, in good standing, is entitled to vote for vacant positions on the Board of Directors of the Corporation.  Listed below are nominees for Board Positions, as well as a space for write in candidates.  Remember, only 2 people can serve on the Executive Board from each state, and several states already have at least one person on the board.  Also, listed below, is a space for your vote for Rodeo of the Year. 


Text Box: Executive Board:  -  1 Open Position (vote for 1)

_____Chuck Melin AB (incumbent)
_____Jim Wales 

 (An independent party will be hired to count the ballots along with the National Office Staff.)

Text Box: All ballots must be received by October 1, 2015.











Text Box: Event Directors: (Vote only for Directors in Events you participated in during 2015.)
Bull Riding		Team Roping
_____	Ricky Phillips TX 				______

Other ____________					Other	______________
Saddle Bronc Riding 				Ribbon Roping
____	Gary Lee Alger 						_____ Christy Fullen

Other__________________                	Other________________		


















PRESIDENT 2016-2017: ____________________________________________

                                           NOMINATIONS ARE: Chuck Melin,



2015 Rodeo of the Year:__________________________________________________

***Please return this ballot to:

National Senior Pro Rodeo Assoc.

2015 W. Wickenburg Way

Wickenburg, AZ 85390

 or fax to: (928) 684-9576


SIGNATURE:__________________________Print Name:_____________________ NSPRA CARD:___________


To be counted, ballot must be received by October 1st 1st, 2015 and be signed with member card number.

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